So you may have noticed lots of our projects are in private beta right now, and are subsequently wondering when we’ll be launching them. Well let me try and satiate your curiosity.

We are planning on launching the software on the following schedule:

  • infinibill – April 3
  • infinitrack – April 10
  • Castvertising – April 24
  • infinib2b – May 1
  • infiniaero – May 8
  • campusfix – May 22

So what’s with this release schedule? Well we figure it gives us 2 weeks for each team to fix the bugs in their products before the next one is launched, gives everyone enough time to catch wind of the project, and still gives us enough time to make any last minute changes we might want. So for those of you on the various beta lists, thats the gist of it. Hopefully you can all wait another week.