Last year around this time we posted on our old blog about the start of refreshmiami, the adhoc group we brought here to Miami.  Originally the idea for creating the group was to give us a new venue in which to be able to talk about web2.0, design, and everything internet here in Miami.  After almost a full year (i think april was the first meeting), I’m happy to say that we’ve accomplished quite a bit in that time.

From our initial meetup that was attended by just 5 of us, to next week when we are having speakers flying in from all over to present, I would like to think we’ve come a long way.  We now have 94 people who are members of our group, meaning we’re basically on path to hit 20x growth in under a year (easy when you start from so little). Hopefully over the next year we will see similar growth and can get to 1700 members throughout the south florida area.

The last year of organizing the group (with the amazing help of the community) has been an amazing one, people have made new friends, made new connections, gotten new jobs, learned alot, and most importantly connected with the community they never knew was here.  I am glad infinimedia has been able to be  a part of this all, and hope that we can see a lot more growth and evolution from the group in the months and years to come.